CloudStartup is an entrepreneurship course at Sofia University, Faculty of Mathematics and Informations

Course Overview

We are big fans of applied-science: 
the area when the university genius 
meets the business reality

that is why we created

as a tech-entrepreneurship course at FMI 
to identify real-world problems and 
define, develop & test solutions

having the goal

To light the entrepreneur fire in each one of you and to provide an environment 
where you can realise your ideas.

What’s in for Me?

By the end of the course, you will learn how apply innovation methods (like Design Thinking) as well as how to architect & implement rightly your solution.

From your side, all what is needed is to be prepared for а real-work in an open-minded cooperation with the others.

The benefits for you are:
* solve real challenge
* gain business skills
* learn how to design & develop startup product
* grow your network

The course has beginning and has no end. Ask your colleagues who already went through it and created their own companies…

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